Tone Your Arms with The Best Exercises

Tone Your Arms with The Best Exercises

Aside from working your legs and getting a ripped ab, you also need to take care of your arms because saggy skin and undefined arm muscles are not pleasant to watch. If you want to boast slim and toned arms, you need to include some arms exercises into your workout routine and make good use of some fitness equipment that can get you closer to toned and firm arms. Try the following exercises that are the best in working your arm muscles.

Ball push ups

Push ups are among the most popular exercises for toning the arms due to their simple principle and the fast visible results. As a sports enthusiast, you probably can do some push-ups without much effort so you don’t think this is a challenging exercise but if you know how to make it more difficult, you can get great results. Use a tall object or even a ball to make the push ups more interesting by keeping one hand on the floor and one on the object. Slowly lower and raise your body as you complete a set of push ups while passing the object from one side to another.

Dumbbell windmill

Using dumbbells will certainly help you get toned arms faster than with regular exercises because the added weight engages your arm muscles. This exercise is great for toning your shoulders and upper arms while also working on your back and core muscles. Stand on the floor with your legs slightly spread and bend your body to the front to make a square angle with your legs. Spread your arms holding the dumbbell and rotate your waist until each hand touches the opposite leg.

Triceps swing

For this exercise, you will need a pair of weighted sleeves to offer you resistance while you move your arms so the muscles will be more contracted. Lie on the floor facing up with your knees bent and your arms in the air a few inches above the ground. Raise your arms until they reach above your head but keep them off the floor so the muscles will stay contracted. Lower the arms to your sides while also keeping them above the floor. Repeat 20 times then relax for 30 seconds and start all over again.